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Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey ya'll! 

Happy Friday!

So here are my picks for the week! 

First is a Wax Stick I've been using these past couple of weeks to lay my edges down. It's the Kera Care Wax Stick. I'm not the biggest fan of Wax sticks but because I've got a lot of new growth and I ran out of my styling gel, this was within arm's length. So far, it's done the trick this week! 

Here's another item I literally use every single day! I've been getting a lot of questions asked about what kind of Hot Rollers I use for my hair so here they are! They are the Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers. They are GREAT!!!! This particular one is the smaller version of the many options of rollers in this line...I also got it from Target. :)  

Next up...I just started re-using this particular product from ELF. It's the ELF "Lip Lock Pencil". I've always loved this product but I had forgotten about it for a prevents your lipstick/lipgloss from running past your lip-line. Not only is it great, but its CHEAP too! You can find it at Target. :)

Lastly...Lorac "Take a Brow" kit. I've just recently started using this product this week and so far I'm loving it! I've been trying to practice filling in my eyebrows a bit more so this has been a great beginner kit for me! I got it at Sephora. 

That's it for this week ya'll! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Make sure to check back NEXT FRIDAY for my next "FAB FIND FRIDAY"! 

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Have an amazing weekend guys!
Love ya'll!




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  1. Hey hon, a close friend of the both of us was telling me about you, Roselande Petithomme, love your video I will be checking more for some make up tips.. check out my blog.. and follow if you like.. I am one of your new follower :)