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Sunday, January 15, 2012

FAB FIND FRIDAYS: JANUARY 15, 2012 (Yeah, it's a little late but I have a GOOD EXCUSE!)

What's up ya'll! It's FAB FIND FRIDAY! (! LOL!) I'm sorry this is a couple days late but my mom had surgery this week and the weather got bad in the Lou so my days were all messed up due to some longer hours at the station this week! 

Ok, no more excuses! Here are my FAB FINDS for the week! 

This week was pretty low-key for me on the "socializing" tip...I just relaxed for the most part but I did use a few new products this week that I am LOVING so far! 

My 1st product is friggin' AMAZE-BALLS so far! It's the No7 "Moisture Quench" Day Cream! (You already know I love the night cream by the same brand so I had to try a few more products!) It's feels GREAT and a little goes a long way! I got it at Target! It makes my skin feel so good! (And its GREAT for those with dry skin!) Check into it ya'll! :)

This next item is a lipstick I've worn a lot this week! It's one of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in the color "Raisin Rage". It's gorgeous on! (My camera isn't doing it justice!) 

Here is the color taken with the flash on with my camera...

 Here is the photo with the flash off...
Another item that worked surprisingly well for me this week was L'Oreal's "True Match" Super Blendable Powder. It doesn't have the longest lasting power but I only needed it to work for a couple hours for work and it did the trick. :) The color I used is "Capuccino".

As many of ya'll know I don't normally wear makeup so as soon as I get home from the "gig" I take my makeup right off! Something I used a lot this week to take off my eye makeup is Pond's Cold Cream. It took me a sec to get used to the consistency but it does do the trick. It's really moisturizing too! :) I got it from Target as well.

I also exfoliated my face a couple times this week so I wanted to share one of the products I love! It's Aveeno's Skin Brightenig Daily Scrub. It's a great product that's great for sensitive skins like mine! I usually exfoliate a couple times a week when I don't have time to use my Clarisonic brush.

Okay, the last one is random but I'm OBSESSED with it! I'm a HUGE blue-tooth user and I had recently lost my last one so I just picked up another one and I LOVE IT! I'm pretty simple when it comes to technology but this bad boy is the LICK! Number 1, I didn't want an expensive one in case I lost it again...I wanted something simple that would allow me to drive "hands free". I ended up getting this one which cost me $39. (Shout out the Will at the phone store! He was so patient answering all my questions and even got my blue-tooth set up on my phone before I left the store! I love meeting nice people!) Anywho, that was the best investment ever! It not only works great but it tells you when the battery is high or low and when the gadget is turned on or off! It's GREAT! It's called the "Plantronics M20 Bluetooth Headset".

That's it for this week ya'll! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Make sure to check back NEXT FRIDAY for my next "FAB FIND FRIDAY"! 

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Have an amazing weekend guys!
Love ya'll!





  1. That Revlon Raisin Rage is so much like the Jean-Michelle Moisture-Riche Mocha lipstick I blogged about today! Be sure to stop by to check it out!

  2. great post! i gotta get my hands on that lippie!

  3. Great finds Sande; I love meeting nice people too! Looking forward to more vids and posts... Especially inspirational/ motivational ones; I really got a lot out of the "You Think You Know" vid... Thanks again!