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Monday, September 12, 2011

MY NEW HAIRSTYLE/NEW HAIR! (Packaging and Braid Pattern Photos Included!)

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to show you my NEW HAIRSTYLE and NEW HAIR! This hair was sent to me by for review. So far I'm loving it! :)

I'm wearing:
14-16 inches (1/2 bundle)
18-20 inches (1 bundle)
22-24 inches (1 bundle)
Straight Natural Black

First up...check out how the hair came shipped to me...

Very well presented! 

Here is the Braid Pattern of my hair underneath the my Sew-In:

To see the finished product, check out the video below! Let me know what you think! :)

MUAH! Love ya'll!




  1. I love the hair and it looks so gorgeous on you! I also love how the hair lays--it looks very natural, especially with the various lengths! I really like the packaging as well!

  2. Thanks Melisa! So far I'm loving it but I'll know more as I rock it a bit. :)

  3. Thanks ladies! :) And yes, loving the packaging! I had no idea!

  4. So this may seem random but does it matter what your height is when you choose the length of your weave?

  5. I know I'm late but I just discovered you on You Tube and I love you and your hair in the video about The Indian Hair Company. I ordered it after I watched your video and I just received it in the mail and I love it. But will you please let me know if you washed the hair before you had it installed? Also, what shampoo and conditioner did you use for this hair?